Rude Parents Mocked Their Girl Wearing Male Suit to Prom, Get Taught a Lesson — Story of the Day

Two cruel mothers with too much time on their hands ganged up to mock a girl who decided to attend her prom wearing a male suit indicative of her unique fashion style. They learned their lesson. 

Rude Parents Mocked Their Girl Wearing Male Suit to Prom, Get Taught a Lesson — Story of the Day

Jane, a 16-year old girl with an unusual fashion sense, was excited to go to prom. She had so many ideas about how she wanted to look.

Her mother asked Jane to accompany her to a shop to purchase her prom attire, which was only a week away. Because she was worried that others would make fun of her choices, she was anxious about the whole thing.

Jane was made fun of for her choice of dress at the school dance | Source: Shutterstcok

Luckily her mother was right there to offer her encouragement as well as recommendations. “Honey, you’ll look wonderful no matter what you put on,” She said with seriousness. “You have my good looks.”

“But what if people don’t like it?” She asked. “I’ll be the odd one out.”

“Baby, if people don’t like it, they can stop staring at you,” Jane’s mother responded. “Always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“OK, momma, I believe you.”

“As you should, I will never lead you astray. Now about that dress, I think a nice dinner gown will be perfect for the occasion.”

Jane's mother went with her to the store to offer her encouragement | Source: Pexels

Even as her mother spoke, Jane was already deciding what she would wear, and it was not a mundane dinner gown. After wandering through the suit section, Jane found the perfect tuxedo for her and a bow tie.

“How do I look?” She asked her mother to help her try it on in the changing area.

“Oh honey,” She said so. “You look so much like your grandmother! She also loved suits, and like her, you look very beautiful in it.”

The same thought was held by her father. His father believed that his daughter should be proud of her individuality in a world that places a lot of emphasis on hive-thinking.

Jane wandered into the suit section and came away with a tuxedo that fit her perfectly | Source: Pexels

On the day of the prom, Jane did her make up and dressed up in her tuxedo. Jane’s parents dropped her off at school, and she was greeted by her happy parents.

Jane entered the auditorium that the school had provided for the event, and it felt as if time had stopped. Her crush, Evan, was all eyes on Jane.

She was completely different from the rest. The second time, she was able to look away, and everything went back to normal. Two mothers approached Jane and started to cause trouble.

Two mothers approached Jane and voiced their dislike for her outfit | Source: Pexels

They did not like her outfit and had made it their duty to let her know. “Hey, suit girl,” One called Jane. “Stop that,” The other replied. “Her name is a tomboy.”

Both of them laughed and mocked Jane’s outfit. This made Jane feel very self-conscious and lowered her self-confidence.

Jane struggled to have fun after that, so she texted her mother to beg her to pick Jane back up sooner than she had planned. Jane left in tears, and her peers were not surprised.

Jane texted her mother, begging her to pick her up earlier than they planned | Source: Pexels

The event proceeded regardless. After she left, the competition for the night’s awards began in earnest but when all the contestants were lined up, the two cruel mothers realized that their daughters were wearing the same dresses, making them look like copies of each other.

The two mothers were not happy with their daughters’ lack of distinction and started a dispute. Jane was also having a talk with her mother at home.

“Do you think I need to change the way I dress?” she asked.

“No, you be who you are,” Her mother replied. “If anyone needs to change, it’s the world.”

The competition began and the two cruel mothers realized that their daughters wore the same dresses | Source: Pexels

“But I was ridiculed today because of it mom,” Jane cried.

“Honey, don’t let the negative emotions get to you. People will always have their own opinions. It is what you think that matters.”

Jane felt more relaxed after their talk and went to bed happy. The following day, she discovered she had won an award for best dressed during the prom.

Her classmates loved her outfit and voted for it. Many of them felt compelled to make it a point to compliment her on how beautiful and stylish she was. Source: Pexels. So what did this story teach us?

The following day, Jane discovered she had won the award for best dressed during prom night. | Source: Pexels

What did we learn from this story?

  • Do not say anything if you are unable to express yourself in a positive way. Jane’s outfit was insulted by two cruel women. This impacted her self-esteem, and she was deprived of the enjoyment she could have had at this event. But, in the end, her friends loved the outfit, which won her the prize.
  • Individuality should not be taken for granted. Jane stood out at her prom because of her individuality in her style. She could have been beaten down by her parents for wearing what they wanted, but they instead encouraged her.

This story is worth sharing with friends. This story might bring joy to their lives and encourage them. 

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