Ron Isley Defies His 80 Years Posing Carefully Holding Hands with Much Younger Wife Kandy in Versace &amp


Iconic singer Ron Isley looks nearly unrecognizable as he defies his age while posing in two-piece Versace clothing close to his chic and much younger wife, Kandy.

Legendary performer Ron Isley and founder of the “The Isley Brothers” group, has been long in the game. His experience is as far back as five decades ago when he and his band members rendered heart-melting performances on stage.

He still inspires others and performs at 80. A few months ago, the musician engaged in a singing battle “Verzuz” with his group. They went against another legendary band, “Earth, Wind & Fire.”

Ron Isley Defies His 80 Years Posing Carefully Holding Hands with Much Younger Wife Kandy in Versace &amp

The Isleys took home the crown and informed their audience of plans to put out more interesting tunes. Despite their advanced age, they received massive support and attention from thousands upon thousands of internet users.

While “The Isley Brothers” lead singer has maintained a successful career for years, he has also paid close attention to his private life.

Kandy, his younger wife, is in a loving relationship with the singer. She has a strong musical background and is passionate about her man. The couple has been married for sixteen years, despite their large age gap.


Over the weekend, Kandy shared a sweet snap where she leaned onto her husband. Both were wearing trendy, stylish outfits.

Ron looked half his age as he chose a Versace two-piece tracksuit, sky blue kicks, and dark sunshades. He also grabbed a walking cane to support him.

His wife, who was as beautiful as he, wore a shirt dress, satin leggings, luxury pants, and half-strap shoes. This complemented her youthfulness, which almost rivaled her husband’s.


These two dated for a few months before sharing their lifetime vows of commitment. Ron was her manager, and she was her backup singer. They have been through a few ups and downs— Ron was in jail for three years due to tax evasion, and critics have trolled them over their 35 years age difference.

Still, this did not affect their union, as the couple has made their marriage a success. They welcomed Ronald Isley Jr. in 2007. He joined Ron’s first and only child, Tia, who was from his first marriage.


Kandy Isley was a singer in the “JS” group with her sister, Kim Johnson. R. Kelly produced the first album of the girls. Although Kandy has been tagged a gold digger for being with her wealthy husband, who lavishes gifts on her, she has boldly cautioned critics and confessed that Ron is great at his love game, making their marriage enjoyable.

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