Roadrunner takes a ride from Vegas to Maine. He now resides in a town called Freedom.

A roadrunner was made a stowaway by a moving van while it traveled from Las Vegas (Nevada) to Freedom, Maine. NPR reported.

Roadrunners are also known as “a” “greater roadrunner,”NPR reported that this species is native to the Southwest states of Arizona and Nevada.

According to the report, the bird found its way to the van storage area, which was leaving Sin City for Westbrook, Maine. NECN.

Avian Haven in Freedom (Maine) received a call on November 13 regarding the situation. The roadrunner was then taken by volunteers to the bird rehabilitation facility. NPR reported.

Avian Haven wrote in a Facebook posting that the roadrunner who was not following his lead was “in remarkably good shape for having been confined in the van for four days, leading us to wonder if perhaps some food items had also stowed away.”

According to the Nevada Department of Wildlife KTNVThey were amazed that the bird survived.

“Probably the biggest thing for us is without water, birds do become dehydrated, even here in the desert,”Douglas Nielsen, Nevada Dept. Public Affairs/Conservation Education Supervisor of Wildlife.

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