Ridley Jones Season 2: Release Date | Netflix

We haven’t seen many shows where a girl is shown striving to be the hero and that’s one of the reasons, why this idea isn’t internalized in the girls. And that’s why Chris Nee, who was earlier known for the Disney hit “Doc McStuffins” came up with the idea of Ridley Jones which ventures onto a hero’s journey for the girls. Ridley Jones Season 1 which constituted six episodes was initially released on Youtube on June 8 and has garnered 19 M views so far. Today, on 13 July the show was added to Netflix and now the fans are waiting for season 2 but before that, let’s have a look at the premise of Season 1:

Ridley Jones Season 2: Release Date | Netflix

Ridley Jones Season 2: Premise

The new show features a curious kid Ridley and her friends who following the family tradition, protect the museum of Natural History’s treasures, and keep it’s magical secret safe. Overt lessons regularly pop up during the shows now and then as Ridley pushes for more responsibility before she’s ready to handle it which sounds typical of girls in a lighter tone.

The best part of the show is the six-year-old character Ridley who equips the pluck and daring of classic screen heroes while shattering the stereotype that heroes are male.

Ridley Jones Season 2: Release Date | Netflix

Ridley Jones Season 2: Release Date

The show with its unique nuances and intricacies is receiving huge attention and love. The show has already been viewed over 19 M times over Youtube alone but a Season 2 is still not on the cards. Since Ridley can tell us many more stories and can expedite on many more adventures but we have to wait for a while before Youtube announces a Season 2. Since it has just been released today, so we expect the renewal announcement to be coming in the next few months. Given that, in case it’s renewed, we can expect it by the 3rd quarter of 2022.

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