Richarlison’s shirtless and disallowed goals have Premier League players in stitches.

MICHAIL ANTONIO, Callum Wilson and others were in stitches when they talked about Richarlison’s shambolic goal celebrations during the current season.

Tottenham’s former star, who scored his club’s first ever goal on Sunday night against Liverpool in Anfield, headed in a dramatic equaliser at the end of stoppage-time.

Richarlison took his shirt off after scoring at Anfield


Richarlison stripped off his shirt at Anfield after scoringCredit: Getty
The Brazilian went wild after equalising for Spurs


After Spurs equalised, the Brazilian was ecstaticPhoto: AFP
Michail Antonio and Callum Wilson laughed at Richarlison's celebrations


Callum Wilson and Michail Anthony laughed at Richarlison’s celebrationsTwitter

Richarlison (25), went crazy after hitting the goal. He took off his shirt and then scolded the fans at home before he performed his “pigeon celebration” with teammate Son Heung Min.

Lucas Moura’s poor decision led to Diogo Jota winning the match for Reds.

Richarlison Discussion Football Podcast by The FootballersAntonio stated: “He has scored four goals in this season. Three of those times, he was offside.

Four times in the last season, he has taken off his hat.

Newcastle’s star Wilson said, “He has four yellows and he is almost suspended.”

Richarlison was only booked 3 times in this season. And only for celebrating an unallowed goal.

In September, against Fulham, Ryan Sessegnon was ruled offside for the initial build-up.

Then, in the Champions League he went on to score twice again against Marseille. He didn’t take off his shirt at any point.

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Richarlison was booked for celebrating an offside goal against Fulham


Richarlison is booked after celebrating a goal scored by Fulham.Credit: Getty

Richarlison was also shown a yellow card for his dissent in August, during the 1-1 draw between West Ham and Antonio.

The goal was disallowed in March against Nottingham Forest, and he didn’t remove his shirt.

The Hammers’ forward then continued, “I want to know.” The goal he scored the other night was almost offside.

The man is rated highly by me. He doesn’t give a damn. “He doesn’t give a damn.”

Antonio continued: “I understand those moments where you take your shirt off. Like, I totally get it.

Then you will have to get up and run.

“But the reality is that on three occasions this season he did it and remained offside.

This would always be on my mind. It would grow, and it would plant a full seed thinking, “I want to be sure if i am on board before i go crazy.”

Richarlison did not remove his shirt after his disallowed goal vs Nottingham Forest


Richarlison didn’t remove his shirt following his goal against Nottingham Forest that was disallowedPhoto: Reuters
The 25-year-old kept his top on after scoring against Marseille in the Champions League


When he scored against Marseille in Champions League, the 25-year-old still wore his cap.The Times

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