Richard Armitage thriller The Man From Rome Heads To Virtual EFM

EXCLUSIVE: Bernd Schlotterer’s German outfit Palatin Media is launching world sales on Richard Armitage thriller The Man From Rome. Moonstone Entertainment’s Etchie Stroh is serving as a sales consultant.

The thriller features features an ensemble cast led by Armitage (The Hobbit), Amaia Salamanca (Gran Hotel), Fionnula Flanagan (The Others), Franco Nero (Django Unchained) and Paul Guilfoyle (Don’t Look Up).

Based on the novel by Arturo Perez-Reverte, whose works include the Queen of the South and the Captain Alatriste series, the film has wrapped principal photography in Rome and Spain.

Directed and co-written by Sergio Dow (The Day You Love Me), the film unspools against the backdrop of a community beset by a pair of mysterious killings at a condemned church in Sevilla, Spain, sparking an investigation. On the case is Father Lorenzo Quart (Armitage), dispatched by the Pope to uncover the truth about the murders. Quart’s considerable investigative prowess and knowledge of Vatican intrigue set him in good stead as he encounters an unsavory cast of characters in Sevilla with their own long-standing and complex conflicts and ignoble histories.

Palatin Media was founded in Munich in 2011 by long-time TMG Managing Director and shareholder Bernd Schlötterer. Palatin owns stakes in a raft of companies including theatrical distributor Kinostar, Swiss Entertainment Programm AG (former Teleclub Programm AG), film and TV production company Aventin, AVOD/SVOD-platform Watch4 active in German speaking Europe and the UK (Video Solutions), Rocket Rights, and VOD specialist Rights Booster. In May 2021 Palatin launched CRACTION TV, a FAST channel focused on action and crime content.

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