Retirement at Holiday Inn instead of Nursing Home for Man

Holiday Inn is the place for retirees to enjoy their golden years

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Man Plans to Retire to Holiday Inn Instead of Nursing Home Because It’s Cheaper
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Retirement is costly. Retirement is costly. Bureau of Labor Statistics Data shows that households aged 65+ spend $45,756 annually, which is roughly $3,800 each month. This is just $1000 short of what all U.S. household spend on average. Consider that the average American household spends about $1,000 more than this. GoBankingRates survey 57 percent have savings of less than $1000. This shows that people will save wherever possible.

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Terry Robinson of Spring, TX is planning a very clever next step in his life. Instead of heading to a retirement community, he’s going to spend his twilight years at a Holiday Inn—and it’ll be cheaper.

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Robinson writes A Facebook post His retirement plan has gone viral. It’s been shared over 105,000 times and there are many comments. He begins:

“No nursing home for us. Checking into Holiday Inn is on the cards! There is an alternative to nursing homes, which cost on average $188.00 per person/day. Terry seems to have everything planned out. Terry checked room rates first to find out how much money he would have after paying for the accommodations.

The Holiday Inn has already confirmed my reservation. “For a combination of long-term stay discount and seniors discount, the cost is $59.23 per day.”

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Robinson then goes on to explain the advantages of staying at a Holiday Inn rather than a nursing care facility. After all, a night’s stay in a hotel doesn’t just cover housing — there are a lot of amenities to enjoy.

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The breakfast is usually included and many hotels have happy hours after lunch. This leaves us $128.77 for room service or special TV movies, plus laundry, gratuities, and lunch in any restaurant. The money he would save could be used to cover other costs. A gym membership is not necessary, as he points our.

They also have a gym, an indoor pool, a fitness room, a lounge, and a washer-dryer.

The toiletries would be free, saving him a great deal of money. “Most [hotels] All have free soap, shampoo, and razors.

Also, he says that staff will likely treat you better. You can make the whole staff work harder to serve you if you tip $5 a day. “They treat you as a client, not as a patient.”

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Even transportation is a problem. The city bus stops right outside, and senior citizens ride free. You can also be picked up by the handicap bus (if you pretend to have a good limp). On Sundays, you can call the church bus and meet some nice people.

Holiday Inns provide the perfect opportunity for travel.

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Take the shuttle to the airport and dine at the restaurants. When you’re in the airport, take a flight. “If you don’t, your cash will continue to accumulate.”

Terry discovered that Holiday Inns are always available. It takes months for nursing homes to be decent. Holiday Inn accepts reservations today.

Since the chain of hotels is available everywhere, the traveler isn’t tied down to any one destination (although the price may be a little higher in some places): “You’re also not bound to one city or Inn forever. You’re free to move around from Inn To Inn and even city to city. Hawaii on your mind? Holiday Inn Hawaii is available.

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In addition, there are no home repair costs in hotels. “TV broken? Need to change light bulbs? You need to change your mattress. Need a mattress replaced? The problem is solved and they apologize.”

You might think he is overlooking care that one would receive in a retirement facility, but he has also considered this and believes the Holiday Inn staff are capable of handling the job. The Inn provides daily room service and a security guard at night. If you’re not feeling well, the maid will check on you. They will call for an ambulance in the event that you are not well. . . “Or the undertaker.”

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He says that if you break your hip and fall, Medicare pays for it, but Holiday Inn upgrades you into a suite every year for life. We’re less sure of this upgrade promise. Ask your concierge.

Terry’s suggestion makes family visits a breeze. Grand-children can enjoy the pool.”

It seems like he has it all under control. “What else could I wish for?” When I do reach my golden years, I will smile.

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Many people are on Robinson’s team with his clever plan. Another commenter stated, “I am with you. Also, the hotel will clean your towels and sheets. “In some assisted living facilities, you are required to wash all the linens and towels.”

A Facebook user noted that many people already do this. “I’ve actually met an elderly lady one time that was actually living in a Hampton Inn. She seemed quite happy.”

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