Report: Influencer ‘Mormon Mum’ pleads to assault charges in Assault case

Popular “Mormon Mom TikTok influencer Taylor Frankie Paul has reached a plea agreement with Utah prosecutors in a domestic violence case involving her boyfriend, according to a report.

Paul, 28 was arrested after responding to a 911 request in February. He was then charged with assault and criminal mischief, as well as domestic violence committed in front of a minor. Police Department.

A video taken at the house allegedly shows Paul assaulting his then-boyfriend, using her phone, a metal stool and placing him in a chokehold. The following are the relevant authorities said.

The police statement said that the evidence suggests Ms. Paul may have also injured Ms. Paul’s child, a minor during the incident.

Last week, Paul entered a plea in abeyance to a third-degree felony count of aggravated assault, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The paper reported that four other charges had been dismissed in the settlement. The Tribune reported that the charges included two felonies of domestic violence with a child present, as well as one misdemeanor charge of each child abuse or criminal mischief.

When she was arrested, the authorities stated that the woman’s five-year old child had been struck by one the chairs being thrown in his head, leaving him with a “painful gooey egg.”

The paper said that if Paul fulfills her terms in the plea agreement, then the charge would be reduced to a misdemeanor.

According to the agreement, Paul must obtain a substance abuse evaluation and a domestic violence evaluation and complete any recommended treatment for the next three years, the Tribune reported.

Media outlet says she can’t break the law beyond minor traffic violations for that same time frame.

The paper also reported that she will be subject to a random drug test and under supervision by a probation officer. The Tribune reported that Paul cannot patronize businesses in which alcohol is the primary source of services.

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