Release date of Balming Tiger and RM’s new track Sexy Nukim revealed

Multi-national alternative K-pop group Balming Tiger will be releasing a new track featuring the Grammy-nominated group member RM in September titled Sexy Nukim.

The clues were here all along for this brand new collaboration as Bangtan leader RM aka Kim Namjoon had earlier posted a snap with Balming Tiger on his personal IG Rkive when he visited Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival on August 6th.

Earlier in March, RM had also shared Balming Tiger’s song Just Fun on his IG story. After a period of mutual appreciation, now fans will be getting another offbeat collab from the Mono crooner.

Who are Balming Tiger?

Balming Tiger is a South Korean musicians collective that was formed in 2018 who introduce themselves as a multi-national alternative K-pop group. As Balming Tiger is known for their experimental music, they refuse to be identified with only one genre, the group had said in a Vice interview.

The musicians collective includes ten members include director San Yawn, rapper Omega Sapien, DJ Abyss, music video directors Jan’Qui, Leesuho, singer-songwriters Sogumm, Wnjn, and Mudd the Student, and editor Henson.

Balming Tiger released their debut single I’m Single in 2018 and snagged a nomination for the Best Music Video of the Year in Korean Hip-hop Awards. Followed by the recognition for I’m Sick, Balming Tiger won the trophy for Best Music Video Of The Year in the 2020 Korean Hip-hop awards for their single Armadillo.

Release date of Balming Tiger’s new song Sexy Nukim ft BTS RM

On August 24th, Balming Tiger announced that they will be releasing a new track in collaboration with BTS RM.

Sexy Nukim, the new track of Balming Tiger will be released on September 1st, 2022.

Breaking down the meaning of ‘Nukim’

RM is a maestro when it comes to lyrical wordplay and along with his own songs, fans have often praised his collaborations that he takes it to a different level by adding just a little dollop of his own ideas.

An example of RM’s pure mastery of lyrics can be found in eAeon’s song Don’t where he rapped, “What color are the waves, usually? Because when they break, they’re pure white. Did you survive the drift okay? Can’t you remain here as a pebble?”

Now as the new song is called ‘Sexy Nukim’ where Nukim means feelings in Korean, fans are bringing back how Namjoon is called intellectually sexy/ ethically sexy by the K-media and K-ARMY.

A fan wrote, “SEXY NUKIM reminds me of when K-aRMy and K-Media were using #건실섹시 meaning “ethical/reliable sexy” for Namjoon.”

Another fan explained, “nukim means like feeling/hunch/sense, so the title means sexy feeling.”

Meanwhile, BTS fans have more to look forward to in the upcoming months as BigHit Music has announced the Busan concert date and how to watch the special stage for free. Check here for all details.

Stream more of RM’s songs below.

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In other news, Date for release of Balming Tiger’s new track SexyNukim by RM

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