Reboot: Sylvester Stallone to Return in Reboot

Reboot: Sylvester Stallone to Return in Reboot

News of a Second “Cliffhanger film” In 2008, Sony Pictures expressed interest in making a sequel. In the following year, Variety Reports stated that Neal H. Moritz was planning a remake. The project was stalled, but in 2019, Ana Lily Amirpour, the director, signed up for a “Cliffhanger”, a female-led remake. Jason Momoa and Moritz were also involved, while Amirpour signed on to produce.

Amirpour described the planned reboot of “Cliffhanger”. Variety The movie was described as “a true epic reinvention” of the “original Cliffhanger,” which made it so entertaining and thrilling.

Moritz will also produce this latest project, “Cliffhanger”. Amirpour’s film appears to have been cancelled, but the reason for this is unclear. Since the Sylvester Stallone version is still looking for a lead actor, it’s at least apparent that the this latest reboot will be its own entity, rather than a reimagining of Amirpour’s work. The track record of previous sequel projects is not great. However, Stallone’s confirmation for the latest version is a good indication that production is finally moving forward.

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