Reactions as Daily Express describes Boris Johnson as an ‘Iron Man’

Reactions as Daily Express describes Boris Johnson as an ‘Iron Man’

The Daily Express has been roasted for being slightly too big of a Boris Johnson fan.

In a celebratory front page following the Prime Minister’s speech to the Conservative Party conference yesterday, the paper splashed a photo of Johnson at the speech with his fist in the air with a headline reading: “Iron Man Boris: I’ll unleash the spirit of Britain”.

Johnson had said – among all the jokes and puns – that he wanted to unleash “the unique spirit of Britain” and deliver opportunity for all through his vague “levelling up” agenda in the speech. It was criticised for being a bit thin on policy but the Express certainly gave it a good review.

Reacting to it, people were quick to point out that the paper had a rather ropey understanding of what happens in the Iron Man films and that it wasn’t the flattering comparison they were trying to make.

Others said it was completely embarrassing for a paper to brownnose a Prime Minister in this manner and further still said the “unique spirit of Britain” was a bit more “hungover Netflix binges” than “extremely productive workforce”.

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Here are nine such reactions:


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