Raven Owen from Our Yorkshire Farm reunited after his mother Amanda closed Ravenseat.

Raven Owen, a Yorkshire Farmer from our farm and her two younger sisters have been reunited since their mother recently shut down Ravenseat Farm.

Raven’s sisters Violet and Edith were beaming at the camera when they came to visit their older sister, despite the drama surrounding their mother’s relationship.

Raven snapped her sisters Edith,14, and Violet,12, after they went to visit her


Raven took a picture of her sister Violet (12) and Edith (14), after she went to see her.
Amanda Owen with daughter Raven


Amanda Owen, with her daughter Raven

Two sisters, both wearing different shades grey sweaters and looking very comfortable were photographed by their eldest relative outside an unidentified location.

Raven and Reuben, her brother Reuben’s daughter, seemed to ignore the drama that surrounded their mother when they shared recent photos on their social media page.

In an Instagram photo, Reuben from Channel 5, who already has a spinoff series, is seen riding a dirtbike.

Raven can be seen spending time with her family and riding horses through the countryside.

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen CLOSES Ravenseat Farm she ran with ex
Our Yorkshire Farm's Raven & Reuben Owen break silence on Ravenseat closure

Our Yorkshire Farm’s star, a 21-year old woman who studied at university for several years was welcome back to her hometown.

After their mother Amanda announced last month that she had closed their popular farm Ravenseat, the family has not posted as often on social media.

The Shepherdess posted on her website that Ravenseat Farm was closed for visitors until further notification, and, therefore, they were not offering cream teas.

“Thank you for understanding, Amanda.”

Central Recorder, which revealed the secret affair between Robert Davies and mum of nine, revealed he was divorcing her estranged spouse.

Yamsumi (56), his wife, discovered a letter of love from Amanda addressed to Robert.

Amanda or the children are not aware of all the turmoil surrounding Robert and Amanda.

Raven loves to spend time on the farm with her animals and family


Raven enjoys spending time with her family and animals on the farmCredit: Our Yorkshire Farm
Recently she was snapped horse riding and spending quality time with her family on the farm


Recent photos show her horseback riding with family and enjoying quality time on a farm

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