Rapper Eazy E died in 1995 Sadly 11 children were Fatherless..

Eazy-E, the rapper who died in 1995, left behind a legacy that included his 11 children. They still have fond memories of him after more than 20 years. Check out these heartbreaking posts from his children celebrating his posthumous birthday.

Eazy E was an actor and rapper who worked hard to achieve his goals without taking shortcuts. Although many in his circle would label him a criminal, his name means much more.

He is a great artist to his fans; to his 11 kids, he has been an extraordinary father who never falters in his duties as a dad.

Eazy E poses in a photoshoot on October 10, 1993, in New York City.

Celebrities can be difficult to overcome, and Eazy E’s case is no exception. The man was extremely promiscuous and had children from seven different women. Two were born after he died.

A close associate Explained He loved women, was flirtatious and had sexual relations with them as a young man. He was only married once to Tomica Woods two weeks prior to his death. Death.

This behavior did not hamper his love for his children, as the rapper had a close connection with his offspring before his mysterious AIDS-related death in 1995. Twenty-five years later, this bond remains strong.

Rapper Eazy E died in 1995 Sadly 11 children were Fatherless..


Yesterday was Eazy-E’s birthday, and his children celebrated by sharing incredible memories with their father. It seemed that they would never forget him, despite his ever-lasting absence.


Ebie, the daughter of the deceased, shared a sad clip in which she described how she spent her time with her dad a few hours prior to the posting.

Eazy-E (aka Eric Wright), appears in this portrait, taken March 1, 1990.

She said that they had a lot of fun engaging in play at the children’s playgrounds. The post came with a caption that Please read:

“Wish we could celebrate many more together. Happy Heavenly Birthday to my father Eric “Eazy-E” Wright #TimeDoesntAlwaysHeal…Love, light, and hugs…”

Ebie may find it difficult to heal but she is trying to preserve her father’s legacy. The young woman who looks like the rapper is an entrepreneur. Produced A documentary called “Ruthless Scandal, “Please provide some information about the deceased.

She’s not the only one following in Eazy E’s steps or willing to celebrate his life. Yesterday, another one of his mini-me @iamreemarkable, an artist, Showcased A personalized Happy Birthday picture to show her appreciation for the dead.

Additionally, she Frequently Asked Questions Fans are welcome to join the celebration at Club House. There will be other artists performing to commemorate the occasion. “Life and Legacy of Eazy-E.”

A screenshot of Eazy-E’s daughter, posting an Instagram tribute to her father.

This was not all. One more child was added. Displayed An unending love for the celebrant, backed up by throwback photos of the icon in dark attires during his memorials, and a hanging frame art piece. He is clearly loved.

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