Raising Dion Season 2: Release Date, Renewal, Cast and Plot Expectations

The well-known, popular comic book series Raising Dion, which was popularly known for being a series that was the most binge-watched Netflix series ever, is being considered for renewal.


The superhero origin story has taken its roots from the comic book series of the same name, which is premised around the story of a single parent, Nicole, mother of Dion, and they’re melancholic after effects, following the death of Dion’s father, Mark.

A more engrossing turn of events occurs as we come across the fact that Dion begins developing supernaturalistic symptoms. He manifests a power to teleport out of threatening situations. This complicates their already complex life further.

Renewal and Release:

The first season was released in October 2019; since then, the makers and Netflix have kept the audience yearning for more, as the first season left us with many mysteries unresolved.

The series was pompously renewed for a second season in January 2020, keeping in mind the highly dedicated fanbase insisting hard upon a season 2. But fate has it; the makers of the series have confirmed no official release date.

Raising Dion Season 2


Season 2 may unveil with it many new faces along with our season’s first ones. Josiah Young ( Dion ) and Alisha Wainwright ( Nicole ) shall be back to entertain us with the mother-son duo along with them we can be expecting, Jason Ritter ( Pat ), Griffin Faulkner ( Brayden ), Sammi Haney ( Esperanza ), Gavin Munn ( Jonathan ) and Ali Ahn ( Suzanne Wu ) and so on.

Plot Expectations:

The first season ended on a suspicious note, with a feud igniting between Dion and Brayden for the second generation of Super Kids’ thirst for power.

The surreal incarnation of Mark, where his heart talks to his wife and son, portraying that he’s neither dead nor alive. Season 2, as assumed, shall thus be a lot more about Mark and those who just like him lost there to the Crooked Man.

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