Quiet Night at Home? Here’s Some Netflix Recommendations

In the past, Netflix was often criticized for having too small of a selection to be taken seriously. However, this has certainly changed in recent times and between its expanded licensing, growing library of movies, and unique in-house programming, Netflix’s selection is now bigger than ever. Of course, sometimes this means great shows fall by the wayside. Next time you find yourself having a quiet evening at home, check out these great, and often overlooked, shows and films. 

Quiet Night at Home? Here’s Some Netflix Recommendations

Hemlock Grove 

If you are a fan of the supernatural, this 3-season thriller is for you. Vampires, werewolves and monsters? No this isn’t the Twilight series. Hemlock Grove is a Netflix original that was adapted from the novel series of the same name and directed by Eli Roth, the man behind unnerving cinema like Hostel and Cabin Fever. It sounds like the ideal recipe for horror fans and although it has its shortcomings, there is a lot to enjoy here.  

Without spoiling too much, the story revolves around a quiet Pennsylvania town that has a dark energy lurking that is known only to those who are in charge. When horrible fates start befalling the residents there, a young werewolf and vampire must work together. Notably, this show features Bill Skarsgård, the actor who plays the clown Pennywise from IT as a young vampire prince.  Some critics love it, some hate it, but overall it’s worth a watch to see if it appeals to you. 

Molly’s Game 

The 2017 film Molly’s Game is the dramatic retelling of the life of Molly Bloom, a former Olympian that turned to a high stakes lifestyle. Throughout the course of this film, Bloom soon goes from a poker apprentice to running her own underground games with some of Hollywood’s elite. Of course, trouble is not far behind her. The movie has become one of the classics of the genre alongside others like Grinders and a Big Hand for the Little Lady. This story will keep you engaged throughout the entire 2 hour 20 minute runtime. 

Quiet Night at Home? Here’s Some Netflix Recommendations

Derry Girls

 If you are interested in a sitcom that employs a very underutilized setting, Derry Girls is worth checking out. The plot revolves around four Irish Catholic school girls and one English guy in 1990s Northern Ireland.  This is during a time of immense political upheaval from conflicts between Irish nationalists and British loyalists, where terrorism and oppression is just part of their daily life. This grim synopsis aside, Derry Girls is delightfully raunchy as the four foul-mouthed girls constantly get into trouble as they navigate life. 

Blown Away 

Simply put, Blown Away is a reality show competition revolving around competitive glassblowing. Sure you’ve likely seen this formula countless other times with shows revolving around bakers, blacksmiths, and numerous other industries, but Blown Away is truly something unique. Most people don’t realize how absolutely grueling and labor-intensive it is to make something from glass like a spectacular vase. Blown Away gives you a first hand look into this industry and the process is absolutely mesmerizing. Throughout the competitions that take place, you will see some incredible sculptures and pieces come to life. 


You may have heard of Ozark before, of course we’re already big fans and have written about it numerous times, but I still find myself recommending this great show to people in my daily life. Ozark is a crime thriller that revolves around a family that relocates to the Ozarks region of the US to participate in a money laundering scheme. 

Frankly, everyone loves crime dramas and this one incorporates elements of Breaking Bad, The Wire, and The Sopranos together into a creation that is very unique and captivating. Here, The main characters are intertwined with a Mexican cartel as they work to launder money for them. Of course, you can predict what happens to a degree. The family gets deeper and deeper into this life of crime and worry for their safety and freedom as federal agents get involved. Sure, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before but it is a show you will certainly be drawn into and end up binge watching.

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