Queer Eye Season Seven – Here’s what we can tell fans so far


Queer Eye Season Seven - Here's what we can tell fans so far

Get out your beads and crawfish and grab the purple, yellow and green. “Queer Eye”Season 7 will be in New Orleans.

Announcing the news in June, Netflix gave fans just what they wanted — a sneak peek of the new season and the fun that’s to come. “The Fab 5 just arrived in The Big Easy and are already dripping in Mardi Gras beads,”The show It was written in an Instagram announcement. “We’re so excited to join the party in this amazing city. Get ready for new adventures and more tears real soon.”

After the announcement, every member of the “Queer Eye”The cast shared a personal photo taken during the promotional shoot while in New Orleans. “Reunited with my favorite phone stealers I mean fashion, design, culture and food experts,”Jonathan Van Ness is a professional groomer Submitted. “So excited to meet new heroes, explore New Orleans, and create new memories with our “Queer Eye” crew,”He continued. Antoni Porowski is an expert on wine and food. His photo was captioned saying, “Excited for all the beignets I mean all the wonderful heroes this season on ‘Queer Eye.'”It seems that stars hint at the possibility of the season arriving sooner than expected, based upon their social media activity, the Fab Five has already arrived in New Orleans, proving that Season 7 is only that much closer.


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