Queen’s Brian May Claims His Words Were Twisted On Trans Comments

Brian May, Queen guitarist, has posted a social media response to a published account about comments he made on the transcommunity.

The 74-year-old May spoke earlier this week to the UK’s The MirrorThe BRIT Awards have made a significant development. The organization has announced that it will no longer award gendered awards at its 2022 ceremonies.

May said that the decision was symbolic of a unified government. “frightening”Trend, adding that Queen wouldn’t be considered diverse enough today to win four BRIT Awards. “We would be forced to have people of different colours and different sexes and we would have to have a trans [person]. You know life doesn’t have to be like that. We can be separate and different.”

He continued, “It’s a decision that has been made without enough thought. A lot of things work quite well and can be left alone,”May spoke told The Mirror at ITV’s alooza event in London this week.

May today took to Instagram to defend his self. He was to be blamed “predatory Press hacks” that made him seem “unfriendly to trans people.

“Yes – I was ambushed and completely stitched up by a journalist at the recent ITV event. And it’s led to a whole mess of press stories making it look like I’m unfriendly to trans people. It’s impossible to be more truthful. My words were subtly misunderstood. I should not have spoken to these predatory Press hackers.

“Sincere apologies to anyone who has been hurt by the stories. My heart is open as always to humans of all colours, all creeds, all sexes and sexualities, all shapes and sizes – and all creatures. We all deserve respect and an equal place in this world. And my grateful thanks to all of you who stepped up to defend me in the last couple of days. It means so much that you have faith in me.”

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