Queen Elizabeth once hid in a bush to avoid a Buckingham Palace guest

Queen ElizabethShe is known for her hospitality and gracious manners. She’s had decades of experience as a political and public figure, but even the Queen of England has people she wants to avoid. 

Who Hiding in Bushes The Queen?

In 1978, Queen Elizabeth played host to Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, who stayed in London for four days with his wife Elena. The British Government invited Nicolae Ceausescu, a dictator, to Buckingham Palace functions as they do for all visiting dignitaries. 

However, even before Ceaușescu arrived in the UK, the despot was very unpopular with the British public. “The press started to question the foreign secretary,” Robert Hardman revealedThe new ITV documentary Our Queen: Inside the Crown. He added that the media asked this question. ‘’why are we inviting this monster to come to Britain?”

This didn’t stop the queen from doing her royal duties. She and Prince Philip met the Romanian couple at London’s Victoria train station, then escorted them back to Buckingham Palace in an open-top carriage. Although Queen Elizabeth was friendly to the public, her private manner was less polite. 

“On the occasion when they were staying, she took the corgis out for a walk in the palace gardens and she could see the Ceaușescus coming the other way,”Hardman stated. “She thought, ‘I really can’t face talking to them,’ so for the first and only time in her life, she actually hid in a bush in the palace gardens to avoid her guests.”

Nobody knows if Ceaușescu ever caught the queen hiding from him. The queen, however, made it clear to the British government that she would not be hosting the Romanian dictator. 

“The Queen puts up with many different people, but Ceaușescu was too much for her,”Former British Foreign Secretary Lord David Owen also contributes to the documentary. “She made it quite plain she didn’t like that visit!”

Other annoying visitors

Ceaușescu isn’t the only visiting dignitary who the queen disliked. The queen had a problem five years ago when President Mobutu, Zaire visited. “President Mobutu of Zaire was definitely a low point,”Hardman agrees. “The Queen was very unhappy about that.”Be calm and keep going, it’s all good.

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