Queen Elizabeth news – Broadcasters in war to steal Queen’s Xmas speech as royals banned from playing Monopoly

CHANNEL 4 has entered the race to air the Queen’s Christmas Day speech.

The broadcaster’s application comes in the wake of the Royal Family falling out with the BBC.

An insider said: “This is a bold and unprecedented move from Channel 4.

“But they are a public broadcaster, too, and don’t have any axes to grind. Bosses are continually looking to expand the broadcaster’s remit and give viewers fresh and unexpected programming.

“Channel 4 would definitely love to show the Queen’s speech this year should the BBC be punished again.”

It is now also news that the Queen banned a traditional British board game at Christmas because of competitive royals. “too vicious”.

“The royals love a good game, but monopoly is off the cards,” a clip on the family’s YouTube channel, titled Royal Rule Book: The Royal Family’s Strangest Rules revealed.

“Prince Andrew said it is banned as it gets too vicious,”It was also added.

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