Queen Elizabeth Allegedly on Her Deathbed, Ordering Prince Harry, Meghan and Harry To Be Stripped Of Titles And Banished. Royal Rumors

It is Queen Elizabeth IITake action Prince HarryAnd Meghan Markle? According to one tabloid, her last act as queen was to care for the Sussex situation. Here’s what we know about Her Majesty’s deathbed declarations.

Queen Elizabeth ‘Handcuffs’Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The most recent edition of National Enquirer Reports claim Queen Elizabeth is trying to tie up loose ends before her reign ends. Apparently, the queen knows that she’s in her final days and has no intention of letting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get away scot-free. The queen has made sure that the Sussexes never again step foot on palace grounds.

“Her Majesty is furious the Sussexes have used their kids as pawns in their revenge crusade against the royal family,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “She’s horrified henpecked Harry gave in to Meghan’s ultimatum — it’s me or them — before they sensationally quit royal duties and moved to California in 2020. Her Majesty has had enough. Harry and his family are banished forever — along with the titles they need for Hollywood success!”

But the Sussexes aren’t the only ones facing Her Majesty’s wrath. After his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, Prince Andrew was banned from attending royal events. “She’s decreed her disgraced son will receive $5 million a year, tax-free, for life and he doesn’t have to attend another royal engagement — ever!”The source exclaims.

Prince Charles will also be facing the consequences for his actions. Apparently, the Prince of Wales has been given the queen’s blessing to rule until his 80th birthday but will be forced to step down promptly after. “He’s been king-in-waiting for almost seven decades and she feels he deserves the chance to wear the crown. But not for long,”The tipster muses.

Queen Elizabeth Bans Sussexes from The Palace

This report is confusing because of a few things. First of all Queen Elizabeth isn’t on her “deathbed.”The queen is actually the queen Last week, she delivered her annual Christmas address without any event.. Even though Her Majesty is well aware that her record-breaking reign will end, there are no reasons to believe it will happen in the next few hours.

Furthermore, it’s highly unlikely that the queen is taking any action against Prince Harry or Meghan Markle. While the Sussexes have greatly distanced themselves from the British monarchy over the last two years, they’ve always maintained that they have a good relationship with the queen. It doesn’t make sense for the queen to suddenly strip them of their titles and ban them from the palace for seemingly no reason.

Additionally, the tabloid’s story about her plans for Prince Andrew doesn’t make sense either. Why would she feel resentful for the Sussexes abandoning royal duties while keeping their royal titles? And then force Andrew to do the same as her? It just doesn’t add up.

And finally, it’s absolutely absurd to suggest the queen has placed some kind of limit on Prince Charles’ future reign. First of all, the order of succession is law, so the queen has no control over Charles’ ascension to the throne. But even if the crown had the power to set a limit on their successor’s reign, couldn’t Charles simply change it when he becomes king? It’s obvious this story was a total work of fiction.

The Tabloid on Queen Elizabeth

This is far from the first time we’ve busted the National Enquirer For spreading rumors about Queen Elizabeth II. The tabloid reported last summer that Her Majesty had banned Meghan Markle permanently from the palaces. The outlet also claimed the queen was “dying in plain sight”After she was admitted to the hospital “leukemia crisis.”Even Prince Charles and Prince William were reported by the tabloid as they fought for the throne while the queen faced her last days. The outcome was clear. Inquire Queen Elizabeth is far from the most trustworthy subject.

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