Professional cleaner reveals you can use coffee grounds to deodorize your fridge – here’s how

APPARENTLY coffee grounds are more useful than being a quick pick-me up.

A cleaning expert said that coffee grounds can be used to solve many kitchen problems, such as cleaning out your pans and deodorizing your refrigerator.

A cleaning expert revealed you can use coffee grounds to deodorize your fridge


An expert in cleaning revealed that coffee grounds can be used as a deodorizer for your fridgeCredit: TikTok


TikTokAccount Problem Solved found that instead of purchasing baking soda boxes to get rid off the musty odor in your refrigerator, you can use your ground coffee grounds to get rid.

“This is a fun little swap to save you money,”He revealed.


“If you have some pots and pans that could use a little extra TLC, reach for those used grounds,”He said.

“You just need a spoonful and a little dish soap. Those coffee grounds are a mild abrasive so it’ll help scrub away that caked-on debris.”

He said that coffee grounds are more gentle on your pans than regular ground coffee. He advised that only one teaspoon of coffee should be used, as more could cause clogging in your sink.

However, the same coffee grounds can get stuck in your coffee machine if it isn’t cleaned properly.

You’ve probably been doing it wrong all along.

“It’s easy and cheap with just denture tablets. These things are super handy to clean way more than just dentures,”He revealed this in hisVideo.

“Install the water tank and add one to two tablets. Let them dissolve completely.

“Denture tablets can be used to clean out the coffee machine’s interior and remove any bacteria.

“Traditional cleaning kits can be kinda expensive but these denture tablets are dirt cheap.”

The hack works on both single-serve or traditional machines, he explained.

“Then, run your coffee maker like normal – without coffee, of course. Run the machine with the denture tablets until the reservoir is empty.”

Then, pour the water out and rinse the coffee pot.

“Once the water runs clear, you’re ready for a fresh brew.”

You can also use coffee grounds to scrub your pots and pans


To scrub your pans and pots, you can also use coffee groundsCredit: TikTok
Make sure they are used coffee grounds


Be sure to use coffee groundsCredit: TikTok
TikToker shows you how to clean your coffee machine in an affordable manner

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