Prince Harry Had An Amazingly Normal Job as a Teenager

Prince Harry Had An Amazingly Normal Job as a Teenager

Prince Harry, Duke, and Meghan Markle, Duchess Of Sussex may be well-known today for their travels all over the globe. However, the surprise is that the young prince moved to Australia as a cow ranch worker in 2003. It was immediately followed by this. Harry was a graduate of Eton College He decided to spend a year on the side instead of continuing his studies. 

According to Sydney Morning HeraldHarry was a Queenslander. Jackaroo — a word originating in Queensland meant to describe a young man training to become the overseer/manager of a ranch. Harry didn’t get the job and he did not stay there for very long. He did however have many fond memories from his time in Australia. “It’s a great country. I have had a great time working out here, meeting people, and learning a bit about how to be a jackaroo,” (per Hello!).

Harry was already a resident of another country before turning 20. According to GlamourDue to overwhelming media attention, it was too hard for the Duke to leave Australia. He decided that he would soon travel to Africa. 

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