Prince Harry Facing Cheating Charges While He Was At School

Prince Harry Facing Cheating Charges While He Was At School

Prince Harry, a student at Eton College was involved in a probe into cheating. According to The GuardianSarah Forsyth was his former art teacher and claimed she had written text to accompany an A-level project the prince submitted. This project was critical to Harry’s success at Sandhurst where he studied to be a military officer. Us Weekly. Forsyth — who was fired in 2002 — consequently sued Eton for her unfair dismissal, and stated in her hearing that the head of the art department had asked her to help Harry with his project.

Forsyth had a tape that supported her accusations. Harry could be heard saying it. “It was a tiny, tiny bit. I did about a sentence of it” (via CBS News). The quote was made in reference to Prince Harry’s involvement in the art project. However, a spokesperson representing King Charles claimed it was taken outof context. “The tape … contains barely audible half-sentences, and it appears to have been edited,”He stated. “It is also difficult to tell what Harry is saying and what he is referring to, due to the poor quality of the recording and the disjointed nature of the tape. The fact remains [that] Harry did not cheat.”Prince Harry did not speak out much about the scandal and only alluded. “things people get accused of”His 21st birthday message (via The Guardian).

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