Prince Harry Caught Flirting with Sporty Brunette Making Meghan Markle Frustrated!

It is Meghan Markle After spotting someone, you feel jealous of Prince Harry A woman flirting with a man at a Polo match? One tabloid reports that the Duchess of Sussex had words for her husband upon his return from the match. Here’s what we know.

‘Sporty Brunette’It is ‘Just Prince Harry’s Type’?

This week A New Idea According to reports, Prince Harry was a little too friendly with Riley Ganzi, a polo player. Harry was at a charity polo match while Meghan Markle was at home with their children Archie, and Lilibet. After Markle saw Harry’s arm wrapped around Ganzi, however, she was moved to tears. “ended up rather regretting her decision to stay home,” says the tabloid’s the inside source.

“Meghan’s mind went into overdrive as soon as she noticed Riley, who is talented, gorgeous, and a lot of fun,” The snitch comes out. “She then found out that Riley’s parents are top dogs in the polo world and go way back with [Harry’s dad] Prince Charles.” The tipster insists Ganzi would be just the girl to turn Harry’s head if he weren’t already spoken for.

Prince Harry Caught Flirting with Sporty Brunette Making Meghan Markle Frustrated!

“Of course, Harry is smitten with Meghan these days,” The insider is free to relax. “But now that America is opening up and Harry will be back on the social scene to raise money for their charities, Meghan might want to get her apparent green-eyed monster under control.”

Instagram Photo Incites Meghan Markle’s ‘Fury’What is the best way to get started?

This article contains absolutely no truth. This article was an extremely sloppy attempt to suggest Harry and Markle’s marriage was in trouble. In fact, Harry was standing next to another woman in a single photograph. Harry, Ganzi, and two other polo players hold a trophy in that photo. Harry’s arm isn’t around Ganzi in the photo but is instead reaching over her to help hold up the trophy. There isn’t anything romantic or “flirty” about the photo, and Markle certainly wasn’t upset by it.

Besides, it’s distasteful to publish such a sleazy story about a charity event. When Referring to the fundraising eventually said: “Our refocused mission at Sentebale is about addressing the most immediate needs of vulnerable children in southern Africa, helping them access vital health services, receive necessary care, and build skills to be more resilient and self-sufficient in the future.” Clearly, Harry wasn’t there to flirt, and this story can be completely disregarded.

The Tabloid On The Sussexes

It’s hard to trust anything A New IdeaSays about the Sussexes. Earlier this year the magazine claimed Markle was banning Kate Middleton from her daughter’s christening. The tabloid claimed that Harry and Markle insulted Queen Elizabeth II, naming their child after her. The outlet soon reported Markle was having a meltdown over not receiving an invite to Barack Obama’s birthday party. And more recently, the tabloid published a false story backtracking on the christening ban and claiming Middleton was introduced to Markle’s newborn daughter over FaceTime. Evidently, A New Idea can’t be trusted to report on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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