Prince Harry Allegedly ‘Annoyed’ Netflix In Hoda Kotb Interview

Is Netflix upset with Prince Harry? One report says the streaming giant is not pleased with his exclusive interview on NBC with Hoda Kotb. Gossip Cop investigates.

Prince Harry Is Annoying?

Per Central Recorder, Harry’s multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix has yet to produce any content. His bosses are annoyed that the Duke of Sussex spilled details of his visit with Queen Elizabeth to NBC rather than keeping it in-house. He’s become a source of annoyance internally, as the network feels it should have his news exclusively.

A Netflix film crew was on hand during the Kotb interview, but NBC got the scoop. Harry was in the midst of filming Heart of Invictus and could have easily spilled the details to Netflix instead. Sources say “There was a real sense of annoyance that they were made to another broadcaster.”

It’s All Marketing

Netflix doesn’t traffic in daily content. There isn’t a morning show for Harry to sit down with. Perhaps he could have done an interview with David Letterman, but that’s not what his series is at all. Heart of Invictus isn’t coming out for a very long time. Bearing this in mind: what could Netflix possibly be upset about?

With news arriving today of a Sussex docuseries, surely Netflix has its hands on some tremendous footage. Until these shows are ready to come out, the best thing Harry can do is drum up interest with publicity. This Kotb interview accomplished exactly that: it got people talking about the Harry and the Invictus Games. In the long run, the Kotb interview benefits Netflix, so there’s no way it would be surprised.

Happens All The Time

The more you think about this story, the dumber it becomes. Netflix is a media giant, but its stars always do press on other stations. The media circuit takes, say, the cast of Stranger Things all over television and podcasts. Why would Harry and only,l harry be cursed out for talking to someone outside the company?

One thing is for sure: the Kotb interview ruffled tabloid feathers. The same exact outlet called Harry’s comments about protecting Elizabeth arrogant. The National Enquirer said the protection comments humiliated Prince William. He hasn’t said a word about the Kotb interview, so that was a load of hooey.

Harry only did this Kotb interview to promote the Invictus Games and, by extension, Heart of Invictus. This is a win for Netflix in the long run, so there’s no way folks are getting annoyed.

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