Premier League And EFL Oppose The Idea Of World Cup Being Held Every 2 Years


EFL and the Premier League have both confirmed that they oppose the idea of the World Cup being held every two years. This proposal was made by Arsene Wenger, ex-Arsenal manager.

The Premier League and English Football League have stated that they oppose any plans to reform the World Cup. Both of these organizations are part of the European Leagues Group and released a statement on Thursday morning, stating they “firmly and unanimously opposed”FIFA plans to reduce the time between the showpiece event and the end of the current four-year gap.

After being requested by the Saudi Arabian football association, FIFA Congress approved to conduct a feasibility study. Former Arsenal manager and now FIFA’s head of global development, Arsene Wenger, is due to address the media regarding the proposal on Thursday afternoon. The PL and EFL statements read: “The leagues have firmly and unanimously opposed any proposals to organize the FIFA World Cup every two years.

Premier League And EFL Oppose The Idea Of World Cup Being Held Every 2 Years

The leagues will work together with the other stakeholders to prevent football governing bodies to take unilateral decisions that will harm domestic football which is the foundation of our industry and of utmost importance for clubs, players, and fans across Europe and the world.
“There are no new, improved or expanded competitions for club and nation football at the continental and global levels. These are just some of the problems that our game faces in a busy calendar.

“The football calendar definitely requires the agreement of all stakeholders and can only be the result of a subtle balance between club and national team football and between domestic and international club football.”

Premier League And EFL Oppose The Idea Of World Cup Being Held Every 2 Years

Football Supporters Europe recently wrote Aleksander Ceferin from UEFA about his plans, which he also had grave concerns about. The European Club Association (ECA) was led by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, a new chairman from Paris St Germain.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino revealed on Wednesday he hoped a decision would be made by the world governing body’s member associations by the end of the year. After meeting with Wenger, England’s boss Southgate expressed his views on the idea.

Arsene Younger calls on 10 legends for help in implementing FIFA’s revolutionary World Cup transformation. “I actually met with Arsene a couple of weeks ago, he was meeting a few different coaches so I have a pretty good idea of the proposals,” Southgate stated.