Predicted robots to take over the world in 2060. Humans forced to serve as servants


A survey has shown that ROBOTS will be the dominant force in the 2060s.

That is forecast to be the peak of Artificial Intelligence capability — with machines in control of politics and economics.

Brits predict robots will rule the world by the 2060s with humans forced to be their servants


Brits predict that robots will take over the world in the 2060s, with humans being forced to serve as their servants.Credit: Getty

And it is feared that humans’ only role will be to entertain or work for the robots, which will have developed emotions and opinions.

The nightmare scenario was outlined by the late physicist Prof Stephen Hawking, who warned that creating AI “would be the biggest event in human history.

“Unfortunately, it might also be the last”.

Qlik, a software company, questioned 2000 Brits about robotech. This included AI-enabled cars, domestic robots, and smart devices.

Sixty-five percent called robots hazardous to human beings, while 86% said they must be. “properly supervised”.


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