Popular travel footwear can be painful on flights

In warm climates, flip-flops have become a very popular choice of footwear.

However, they are not recommended for use in planes and airports.

Wearing flip-flops on a plane could pose a safety risk in an emergency


Flip-flops could be dangerous to wear on an airplane in case of emergencyCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Several airline workers have advised against wearing flip-flops


Many airline employees have warned against wearing flip-flopsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Tony Kuna is a former member of the cabin crew. flip-flops Could cause a problem on the plane in an unlikely emergency.

“During an emergency, all sorts of debris and unpleasant ground surfaces will block your way towards the exit, as well as outside the aircraft,” Kuna wrote on Question.

“If your feet [aren’t] “If you are not properly protected, it will be difficult to reach safety.”

Kuna says that for this same reason you should also never wear barefooted on a flight.

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Imagine your feet being covered in metal, glass and fire shards as you run along the aisle.

“Kind of like John McClane in Die Hard, but worse.”

Andrea Fischbach from American Airlines doubled-down on Kuna’s fashion advice.

Fischbach: I would advise people to wear high heels and avoid flip-flops, mainly for their own safety. What to wear.

High heels can damage slides if there is a need for evacuation.

Mary Schiavo (an aviation analyst for CNN) and others have also advised against wearing flip-flops.

Please wearShoes that are comfortableLeave them on after the takeoff.

“I see people boarding with flip-flops and I think if you have to get up and run and you fall down or you can’t run, you’re not only going to hurt yourself, you’re going to hurt dozens of other people on this plane.

Get some shoes.

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