Police in New Hampshire are looking for Harmony Montgomery (7-Years-Old), Last Seen in 2019,

A child hasn’t been seen since 2019, but police say they were only notified of that recently.  

“As you know, more than two years have passed since Harmony was last seen,”In a press conference, Chief Allen D. Aldenberg of the Manchester Police Department stated. “That puts us at a disadvantage, and the public’s help is greatly needed.”

Harmony Montgomery will be seven years old in a year. 

She was last seen by police in Manchester, New Hampshire when they responded to a call at her residence for help. The chief wouldn’t give details about the call or name the child with whom it was being made. 

But now they’re asking for anyone who might have seen her over the past two years to get in touch with them. 

“I cannot emphasize enough how important any and all tips are,”Aldenberg was also added. “Even if you believe you saw this little girl a year ago or two years ago, please call in. Knowing where she was will help us narrow down where she is now.”

Harmony is believed to be 4 feet tall now. She has blue eyes, blonde hair, and glasses. 

While police aren’t revealing much about their investigation, they say they are still hopeful that they will find Harmony alive and well.

Anyone with information regarding Harmony Montgomery can call Manchester police, New Hampshire.

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