Police arrest alleged serial bank robbers after one of them drops his wallet at crime scene: Authorities


Two alleged serial bank robbers have been arrested after one of them dropped his wallet at a crime scene, authorities said.

According to reports, Christopher McNeill (42), and Dillon Surrett (30) are linked to a series of bank robberies across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. WJZY-TV.

The U.S. arrested them in Virginia on Thursday. According to Fredericksburg police and Marshals, they used McNeill’s information from their billfolds to find the suspects.

According to online records, both are currently being held at Virginia’s Rappahannock Regional Jail without bail.

According to the indictment, McNeill faces attempted robbery with dangerous weapons charges and Surrett is charged with aiding or abetting. WBTV.

According to the station, both men are currently awaiting extradition. 



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