Playboy Centerfold Curse affected Many Stars Like Jayne Mansfield Marilyn Monroe And Many Playmates!

With over 20 Playboys models passing on before they hit the 40-year mark, the phenomenon became known as the Centerfold Curse, and it did not spare the lovely “Law & Order: SVU’s” Mariska Hargitay lost her mother.

While it is not unusual for people to lose their lives before fifty, due to diverse reasons such as illnesses, accidents, and murders or suicides, it became a concern that out of the 700, or thereabouts, Models for playboys More than 20 people died in premature death.

Given how gruesome some of the models’ deaths were, it became impossible to ignore numbers. Is it just a coincidence? Their curse is upon them what is the curse? We take a look at some models who fell under the curse.

Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, and Stephanie Adams are the playmates.


Playboy Centerfold Curse affected Many Stars Like Jayne Mansfield Marilyn Monroe And Many Playmates!

Jayne Mansfield, along with Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson, was one of the most loved playmates to grace the magazine’s covers. She was featured in the 1955 CoverIt quickly became a routine.

In 1967, Mansfield got involved in a grisly car accident that took the lives of three adults, herself included. She was just 34 years of age and had five kids, one of whom she lost. “Law & Order: SVU’s” Mariska Hargitay.

Jayne Mansfield (1933-1967), a Hollywood sex symbol, was born Vera Jayne Palmer (Pennsylvania).

The actress, just three years old was also in the vehicle but was not injured. Her life was shaped by the death of her mother, which she fondly remembers. It is possible to say:

“People didn’t know that she played the violin, had a 160 IQ, had five kids and loved dogs. She was an inspiration, she had this appetite for life, and I think I share that with her.”


Playboy Centerfold Curse affected Many Stars Like Jayne Mansfield Marilyn Monroe And Many Playmates!

Monroe was much more than Playboy Magazine’s sweetheart. She was America’s. Monroe was afflicted by depression for many years. Substance abuse but when she was discovered in her apartment, suffering from an overdose, it shocked the world.

Marilyn Monroe poses for a portrait in Palm Springs, California. Marilyn Monroe was an actress who posed on the lawn in 1954.

At the time of her death, she was just 36 years old, making her one of those playmates who didn’t reach their 50s. She had also fallen prey to the tragedy. “Centerfold Curse.”


Mattingley, who committed suicide in 2020, left behind a note. The contents of the note, however, were not made public. She was a long-term victim of drug and alcohol abuse.

She had made the move back to her hometown in Austin, Texas, and was making an effort at getting her Restore your life to normal. She left behind a golden retriever she had adopted, which her twin brothers and sisters promised would be taken care of.

Ashley Mattingly attended the STiKS Arcade for Hurricane Sandy Relief at Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles, California on December 6, 2012.

Just in time, Playboy did a shoot with her for the magazine, but a few days later, May lost her life to a stroke.


Stratten was featured on the cover of the magazine’s centerfold in 1979. She soon married Paul Snider, the man who made it all possible. Her first steps were on her. A career in acting when the worst happened.

Snider was not the man she wanted, even though she loved him and felt he was her best friend. However, she was still in love with Snider and believed she owed him for making it her career. At just 20 years old, Snider started to feel she was losing control and shot and killed her.

Playboy Magazine’s 1980 Playmate Of The Year, Dorothy Stratten (age 20), on 8/15/1980 Los Angeles.

Jeana Keough, also a playmate, would, later on, reveal how Stratten had worshipped the ground Snider had walked on. She was open to sharing her story It is possible to say:

She misjudged this guy so badly. She was blind to the evil in people.”


Meyer was the “Playmate of the month” in June of 1955, and after she graced the cover of the magazine, she went on to build a career in acting, appearing in movies such as The Seven Minutes.”, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” and “Lorna

Twenty-two years later she died tragically when the plane in which she was riding collided on the runway. 583 people lost their lives. This disaster is known as the Tenerife Airport Disaster. She was only 48 years old.


May was the modern playmate, with 1,9million Instagram followers. Her Instagram account was shut down in 2015 after she posted inappropriate photos.

Just in time, Playboy did a shoot with her for the magazine, but a few days later, she lost her life to a stroke. While she never became a playmate, it was clear that she was moving in that direction.

The chiropractor will help you. Neck pain may have been the start of her problems. She had posted to her fans that the pain was causing her distress, and she died hours later.

There were many more who fell under the curse. It begs the question if the models who died so early had reached their age or if it was the truth. “Centerfold Curse.”

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