Pilot Saved by Locomotive Following Crashing of Plane on Los Angeles Train Tracks

After a man crashed his plane onto train tracks, a locomotive heading towards him hit the tracks and he was killed by quick-reacting police officers. 

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call of a plane crash to find an injured pilot whose small plane had crashed on train tracks in Pacoima Sunday. The plane lost its power and crashed.

Because a train was rapidly approaching, officers knew that they had to act quickly to get the pilot to safety. 

They were able drag the pilot to safety and pulled him out of the aircraft. 

Body camera footage showed as the officers pulled the pilot away from the Metrolink Antelope Valley line train tracks, moments before a train slammed into the aircraft. 

Pilot was transported to hospital for treatment of his injuries.

There was no one else in the plane. 

The plane’s wreckage remained on the tracks, and an investigation was ongoing.

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