Piers Morgan was criticized for making the win of the Lionesses into a useless gender debate

Wouldn’t it be nice if people celebrated the success of the England Women’s team, without feeling to need to frame it as part of a pointless debate?

Piers Morgan has been slammed online for turning the Lionesses’ semi-final victory over Sweden into an argument over gender.

Sarina Wiegman’s side recorded an emphatic win at Bramall Lane in Sheffield on Tuesday night to secure a first major tournament final place since 2009.

Morgan made the semi final about trans issues, rather than celebrating the result.

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“Football’s coming home… to people who don’t identify as men!”He wrote.

Many weary responses were elicited by it, including Joe’s football account which simply asked: “Why are you like this?”

Morgan replied: “I’ll tell you why.. because we should be celebrating England’s women footballers for their gender-specific brilliance – but nobody’s even allowed to say what a woman is these days for fear of cancellation by the woke mob, and I want to mock that madness until it stops.”

Adam Rowe, comedian and author of Comedian Adam Rowe, took issue with the comments. “That’s just not true though is it. Loads of people are tweeting their joy and congratulations at England’s women’s team, calling them women and nobody but you is making it a Trans issue. Nobody. Nooooobody.”

Morgan replied: “Ok, let’s play a game. What’s a woman, Adam?”

He went on by replying to a montage of the England women’s team, writing: “Brilliant… (*Lioness: ‘a female lion.’)”

Morgan responded to a follower who wrote: “Women’s football is great… but we’re in the 21st century! Why do we need women’s football? Or men’s football? Can’t we have mixed teams?”

“Sure.. how many women would get into a mixed England XI?,”He stated.

The majority of people who watched last night’s semi-final were able enjoy the game without engaging in any type of debate.

After a difficult start, the goal is to achieve your goals. Beth Mead, Lucy Bronze, Alessia RossoAnd Fran KirbyThey were able to secure their place at Wembley on Sunday.

It is the end of a decade-long streak of defeats at the final four major tournaments such as the 2013 Euros or both the 2015 and 2019 World Cups.

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