Piers Morgan Amid Fuel Chaos States Britain Needs brain cells!

Piers Morgan has declared that Britain has a “massive brain cell shortage” amid the current fuel chaos.

Piers Morgan Amid Fuel Chaos States Britain Needs brain cells!

A few BP garages were reported to be at risk of running out of fuel supplies because they did not have enough HGV drivers.

With more stations closing due to high demand, panic-buying motorists flooded petrol stations.

Piers was fed up with the sight of motorists filling up jerry cans, water bottles, and plastic bags to get fuel.

Posting to Twitter on Monday, the former GMB presenter blasted the “ridiculous” panic buyers.

In an irate post, the 56-year-old media personality slammed the unnecessary actions of numerous British motorists, suggesting they are directly responsible for the current struggle to get fuel as there actually is “no fuel shortage”.

Piers wrote: “There is no fuel shortage in Britain.

“But judging by the ridiculous scenes at petrol stations all over the country, there is a massive brain cell shortage.”

Piers isn’t the only celebrity to be enraged by the panic-buying of fuel.

8 Out of 10 Cats’ comedian Jason Manford shared that he was left homeless at a gig due to concerns about whether he would be able to fuel on the return trip.

In a since-deleted tweet, Jason wrote: “Well can’t risk driving home tonight from London so gonna stay down here.

“Keeping fingers crossed that people will wake up tomorrow and realize their selfish way! #Doubtful

Rylan Clark-Neal has also expressed his frustration at the crisis.

The Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two presenter tweeted: “I’ve been through enough this year, really don’t need this petrol drought to make a sly trip to the M&S garage at midnight in a dressing gown taken away from me tbh.”

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