Pierce Brosnan’s home was burglarized by a man who pooped and peed in a neighbor’s yard

Pierce Brosnan's home was burglarized by a man who pooped and peed in a neighbor's yard

On Monday, someone trespassed onto Pierce Brosnan’s property and settled in. According to a TMZ report, the stranger defecated and urinated in the garden near Brosnan’s and his neighbor’s houses. According to a report from, this man was arrested and charged with burglary, despite never having entered Brosnan’s home. TMZ.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was called to Brosnan’s home on Monday after a report that a male had defecated and urinated in the yard of his neighbor. This man wandered through Brosnan’s garden, and used the outdoor shower there to wash himself. Also, he rummaged through the trash cans to make a larger mess. When he spotted the police approaching, the man ran for the beach. He was caught by the authorities at that point.

Even deploying a helicopter, the police managed to track down the suspected trespasser who was believed to be hiding in the rocks of the beach. He was charged with burglary for “stealing” the water out of Brosnan’s shower. Keely-Shaye Smith, Brosnan’s wife and TV host, was also at home.

Brosnan’s home was a passion project and a huge house, even in L.A. A report from The New York PostIn 2000, he bought two adjoining lots for $7.35million. The “compound”, which included two residences, had five bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms. The whole place has a design aesthetic inspired by Thailand – the country where Brosnan filmed the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies In 1997,

Brosnan’s main home has 12,500 square foot of space and is spread over just under an acre. This property is in Broad Beach, a popular neighborhood where A-listers Danny DeVito and Dustin Hoffman reside. Brosnan put the property up for sale back in 2020. If he’d gotten the price he asked, the home would be one of the priciest in the neighborhood.

There’s no indication as to why this person trespassed onto Brosnan’s property, or whether the actor intends to bring charges. The two haven’t publicly commented on the story.

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