Photos from the Marvels set seem confirm spoilers from a plot leak

The Captain Marvel sequel will hit theaters in about a year, but the film’s big secrets might already be leaking. We saw a couple. The Marvels plot leaks already, including a very detailed one that’s full of spoilers. This plot leak was vetted and suggests that the spoilers may be real.

If that’s not enough, we have one more The MarvelsThe leak seems to confirm these spoilers. Marvel was filming in New York and bystanders took many photos of the set. In the process, they spotted some of the film’s big stars and teasers for the action happening at Battery Park.

That’s enough to confirm a significant detail in the plot leak. The entire plot could be confirmed if this detail is correct. MarvelsThe plot leak may be right. Be aware, Big The MarvelsBelow are spoilers.

The MarvelsSpoilers from the new set photos

The new The MarvelsSet photos were shared on social media with The Cosmic CircusUploading an additional set of images.

These photos showcase the Marvel stars on location. But it’s not Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) or Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani) in those photos. We have several cats of different sizes. It looks just like a cat and her kittens. You might also see cats in Captain Marvel films, you know what they’re about.

They’re not real cats. They’re Flerken, an alien species that’s highly dangerous despite looking like adorable earthly felines. Just ask Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) about them — well, watch Captain MarvelOn Disney Plus.

The cats aren’t real, by the way. These cats appear animatronics or stuffed cats, which will be replaced by VFX versions. It might not seem like much, but it is. The MarvelsThis is spoiler-free, but it gets better. It appears that the crew set up the scene for the landing of a spaceship.

People who took photos at Battery Park noticed large fans blowing wind in the sky, almost as though a ship were landing. These fans are not massive, however. The Marvels spoilers.

The big plot leak

But if you’re aware of the big The MarvelsIf you find a plot leak, you will know Fury has spent a lot time in space aboard a SWORD spaceship. That’s probably the ship we saw in the post-credits of Far from Home.

Unfortunately, the Kree attacking Captain Marvel & Co. will damage the space station, and those aboard will not have enough escape pods to save everyone.

That’s where the Flerken come in, Flerkens who have been hatching on the ship, much to the dismay of everyone. Here’s the description of these events from The MarvelsLeakage of plot

Side plot: Fury finds strange eggs in the space station’s machinery. They’re all really worried about some sort of alien attack. The eggs hatch and it’s revealed they are newborn Flerken kittens. The space station is a chaotic place.

Dar-Benn attacks Earth in the finale, causing damage to the space station. There aren’t enough escape pods to rescue everyone from the station before it crashes. Fury proposes feeding everyone at the station Flerken kittens and then placing all the kittens in escape pods so that they can safely get to Earth. It’s amusing/bizarre, and the whole film has this really weird tonal clash between a standard marvel movie and something goofier, like Guardians.

Back to New York’s set photos, Marvel may be filming the safe arrival at the Flerken who will save everyone aboard that ship. The space station’s name might be “The Peak,”Per the leak.

A seemingly innocuous collection of photos may have just confirmed the significance, The MarvelsAlready floating around plot spoilers

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