Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu Dismisses French Critics

  • Philippine Leroy Beaulieu talked about the French reaction. “Emily in Paris”Page Six
  • She said that they “know how to laugh at other people”But “don’t know how to laugh at themselves.”
  • Leroy-Beaulieu said that the French were also included. “don’t realize”The show also depicts Americans.

From the time Darren Star “Emily in Paris” debuted — clad with berets, croissants, and ménages à trois — the


Comedy has been Many French viewers are savaged as an insultingly clichéd portrayal of their capital city.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu is the actress who played Sylvie, a marketing consultant, on the first two seasons. He’s not convinced Star’s Gallic critics fully understand his latest creation.

“The French know how to laugh at other people but they don’t know how to laugh at themselves,”The interview was conducted by the 58 year-old during which he explained his views to Page Six, published Wednesday.

She continued, “They always get hurt and upset when people laugh at them, they don’t realize that Darren is also making fun of the Americans, very much — they don’t realize that. They don’t have a sense of humor, that’s what I think.”

Leroy-Beaulieu previously stated that French viewers were “intrigued and disappointed”Sylvie is a character in her life

emily in paris season 2 sylvie emily camille

Philippine Leroy Beaulieu portrays Sylvie, Lily Collins portrays Emily, and Camille Razat portrays Camille “Emily in Paris.”


In the first two seasons “Emily in Paris,”Sylvie, the titular character’s boss at luxury marketing agency Savoir, is an elegantly dressed, highly successful urbanite, who reminds Miranda Priestly of 2006’s Miranda Priestly. “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Interview with Cathy in December 2021 VultureLeroy-Beaulieu stated that she finds the French to be a great language. “intrigued and disappointed” by Sylvie, a character she said many of them misunderstand and consider a cliché. Americans however, see the head of Savoir in a different light. “French bitch,”She said a stereotype “people love.”

Sylvie shows a decrease in patience for Emily’s obvious Americanness throughout the series. She reveals how outlandish Emily looks when the two women are together even though she has spent two seasons in Paris. Vulture was told by Leroy-Beaulieu that their relationship is heading towards a. “crescendo.”

“That’s the whole point of their relationship. It’s a ‘mature feminine who’s teaching a younger feminine something,'”She said it, and later added: “The essence of Emily and Sylvie is profound.”

Leroy-Beaulieu (58), revealed that Sylvie was originally meant to be cast in a role by an actress in her 30s and 40s.

sylvie Erik DeGroot emily in paris

Sylvie & Erik during season two “Emily in Paris.”


Sylvie definitely has her place. indulges some of Star’s over-the-top clichés, with her wine-filled lunches and in-office cigarettes, Leroy-Beaulieu joked that even she isn’t as French as Sylvie, a character she said was originally written to be a younger, 35 or 40-year-old woman.

“It’s an opportunity to do things and say things you never do in life because you’re never that French,”She spoke to Page Six.

Ironically, Leroy Beaulieu admitted that she can relate to Emily, as the young girl tries to make Paris her own home. She explained that the actress was born in Rome and moved to Paris with her mother when she was 11 years old after her parents divorced. You Magazine last December.

“Paris is not a very easy city,”Leroy-Beaulieu, who compared its inhabitants to him, told the publication. “closed shells”This makes it difficult for newcomers. “integrate” themselves.

Despite Leroy Beaulieu being French by birth and French heritage (her father, Philippe Leroy, was born to Paris), she stated that she is French. “was still treated like a foreigner.”

“Because I had a little accent at that time, I was hated by my peers at school — even by the teachers,”She explained everything to You and added, “Parisians, they’re not welcoming.”

Season two “Emily in Paris”It is currently streaming on Netflix.

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