Petition to Deport Putin’s Mistress from Switzerland

As the search for assets linked to Vladimir Putin’s cronies continues, his alleged mistress has also come into the crosshairs. 

Alina Kabaeva (38-year-old ex-Olympic gymnast) is believed to be living alone in a Swiss ski resort. There is growing demand for her deportation. 

Video shows Kabaeva (who reportedly has four kids with Putin), dancing the night away at Moscow’s party in December just before the invasion.  

The Swiss authorities are informed by a petition “It’s time to reunite Putin with his Eva Braun” — a cutting reference to Adolf Hitler’s notorious mistress.

Published reports say Kabaeva’s friends are asking her to use her influence with Putin to stop the bloodshed.

“He doesn’t seem to be listening to anybody, but perhaps he might listen to her,”Page Six was informed by a source.

There are increasing fears that Putin might resort to tactical nuclear weapons in order to end the bloody impasse in Ukraine. “gain the upper hand after battlefield losses,”  The New York Times reported.

Some missiles can carry small nuclear warheads. The power of the nukes is three times that of the bomb that decimated Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.  

“It is a strategic game changer,”Richard Newton, retired Air Force Lt. General, stated. 

Officials from the U.S. Defense Department estimate that Russia has lost around 10% of the ground troops it sent to invade Ukraine.

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