People swear by the clever item they take to theme parks

A WOMAN has shown off the item that she uses to dry her feet in a theme-park. Everyone is amazed.

You can also find out more about the following: TikTok The user disneywithtlc shared a bargain she found after visiting one of Disney’s theme parks. Disney Parks.

A woman has revealed the clever item she wears to keep her feet dry at theme parks


The clever device that a woman uses to protect her feet at theme parks

You can watch the video footageWhile waiting for the bus, a woman shelters from rain.

A woman zips up waterproof shoes covers in the next shot.

A caption over the video read: “The best $10.97 (£8.61) park bag essential, especially in the summer months.

“[These] Shoes that are waterproof and reusable. [keep my feet] 100% dry even when in puddles. They’ve worked for me multiple days.”

She added more information about plastic shoe covers in the comments.

The bottoms of the shoes are slip-resistant, she explained. This helps people to avoid slipping and sliding.

She acknowledged that the soles can become worn down and may need to be changed.

More than 2 million people have viewed the video. Users are flocking to comment to express their appreciation.

Someone wrote, “I bought the Vessi shoe and used them in Disney’s rainy season. They kept my socks and shoes dry”.

One added: “Oh, I bought the pull-on version. It was the best buy ever!”

One person said: “This product is amazing, I am ordering it for my trip to the Caribbean this weekend.”

While these exact versions can’t be shipped to the UK, Sun Online Travel found other waterproof shoe covers for as little as £9.99 on Amazon.

The “genius” tips for theme parks aren’t unique to this person.

One mum revealed her secret trick for getting hot meals at theme parks for less than £1 per person.

Lucy Evans, a mother of two who wanted to cut costs, made her own hot water. Dogs Use a flask full of hot water to provide for the family.

Lucy told the Sun Online Travel: “Basically, I’ve just been trying to find ways to save money on days out.

I got my hot water at a Legoland coffee shop. I brought the flask to the counter to have it filled.

“I also had quite a few people mention filling up the flask at home, but I didn’t want to leave them [the sausages] Sitting in the water seven hours.

The hotdogs were put in the flask a half-hour before lunch.

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She uses waterproof shoe covers to keep her feet dry


Her feet are kept dry with waterproof shoes.

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