People pay me to be their weddingsmaid

No matter whether it’s a friend or a family member, being asked as a bridesmaid is an honor.

But Jen GlantzShe was a bridesmaid so she had this opportunity more often than others.

Jen Glantz works as a professsional bridesmaid


Jen Glantz is a professional bridesmaidCredit: Tiktok / bridesmaidforhire
People pay her to celebrate their big day with them (stock image)


People pay her to celebrate with them (stock photo)Credit: Getty

This woman, who is from the US, revealed on her TikTok Page that she was a professional bridesmaid for seven years.

This is where brides pay her for the privilege of walking down the aisle with them and celebrating their wedding day.

It is, however. “happened by accident”Jen, who now owns her own business and has a selection of hundreds of formal gowns, said Jen.


One clip shows her saying: “When I was in the early twenties, all of my friends got marid – I was always a bridesmaid.”

“Then it became a habit. Everybody I knew was asking me. My roommate at the time said ‘you’ve become a professional bridesmaid.'”

Jen offered her services online soon enough and was surprised when she received a response. “hundreds of emails from people”Who wanted to hire her.

People have been curious about Jen’s job, so Jen answered some frequently asked questions online.

Answer the question”do you pretend to be the bride’s friend,”Jen stated that she does. Usually, her husband doesn’t know she has been hired.

Jen stated that husbands often think Jen is an old friend who they haven’t met.

If you love weddings, this job is for you.

According to the professional bridesmaid, she had “hundreds of dresses”People envy her seven-year job as a hired bridalsmaid.

“PLS I want to learn how to be a professional bridesmaid,”Jen’s TikTok was commented by one person.

Another: “How did you get started? I would love to do this.”

She revealed that the client is responsible for paying for the dress, which she had included in her contract. But they also get to pick the dress.

Jen claims to be the “world’s first bridesmaid for hire”We are not sure, but we have a feeling that there will be more.

Meanwhile, in Australia people hire Kerstyn Walsh , a professional bridesmaid, to follow them down the aisle but there’s one thing I won’t do.

The bride was horrified. ‘disrespectful’Bridesmaids arrive at wedding wearing bright purple Crocs as a prank.

In other wedding news, this woman asked five strangers to be her bridesmaids.

Jen answered some commonly asked questions and revealed that the husbands  doesn't know she's been hired and thinks they are friends


Jen answered some frequently asked questions. She revealed that her husband doesn’t know she was hired, and believes they are friends.Credit: Tiktok / bridesmaidforhire
She revealed she has hundreds of dresses thanks to her seven year career


Due to her seven-year career, she said she has hundreds more dressesCredit: Tiktok / bridesmaidforhire
I showed up to a wedding in the same outfit as the bridesmaids, but I wasn’t one of them – it was embarrassing!

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