People are rushing to get £17 PlayStation game which scans for FREE at the till – here’s how

PEOPLE have leapt from their couches to get a £17 game that is now scanning for free at the till.

PlayStation offers Death’s Door for free to its loyal customers.

Death's Door can be downloaded for free


Death’s Door is available for download free of chargeMedia Molecule
The highly- rated game is available from the PlayStation store


PlayStation stores now offers the game.

The addictive game was originally released in 2021 and has now racked up an impressive 85 Metacritic reviews.

The game combines Dark Souls’ difficult, but fair combat with The Legend of Zelda’s dungeons.

The sequel to the smash-hit boss rush Titan Souls is created by Acid Nerve.

The freebie requires a PlayStation Plus Essential subscription in order to be downloaded, which is the cheapest tier of the service.

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According to Steam, Death’s Door is usually sold for about £17 at different outlets.

It has received many positive reviews ever since it was released.

Steam users said: “I’ll recommend this game forever to anyone I meet.”

The game was rated as “one of the ten best video games of all-time” by one person.

A second person said, “It’s impressive and appealing in many ways.”

One user said: “I like both the gameplay and story.”

PlayStation has announced two more highly-rated titles that will be available for download.

These games can be downloaded fromAugust 1, 2008untilOn September 4,

You can claim them on the PlayStation Store and play them as long as you have a PS Plus membership.

If you cancel your subscription – and resubscribe later – you will still be able to play them as long as you’ve claimed them this August.

It comes as movie buffs that own PlayStations were excited to get to an exclusive first look at a big upcoming film.

Xbox Game Pass’ announcement that it will add new free games each month to its platform has thrilled gamers.

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People are rushing to get £17 PlayStation game which scans for FREE at the till - here's how

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