People are raving about Dunelm’s £8 teddy fleece hot water bottle

You know winter is coming when you turn on the heat and pull out your favorite fluffy socks.

Dunelm has done us all an enormous favor by releasing a hot water bottle range. We are in love.

People have gone crazy for the teddy bear fleece hot water bottles


People love the fleece teddy bear hot water bottles.Credit: charleybourne/TikTok

You will find a wide range of hot water bottles to choose from.

The most beloved, which has made Dunelm fans go crazy, is: “teddy fleece”Hot water bottle for neck and shoulders

Charley Bourne (a woman) posted the Dunelm new finds to her. TikTokaccount, with the caption ‘A whole world of cosyness’.

She said: “This is your sign to go to Dunelm for the insane hot water bottles.

“Such soft teddy material.

“Even do long ones and animals, omg how cute.”

Charley’s video shows the new range of hot water bottles, that range from just £8.

But these aren’t standard hot water bottle shapes – they have neck and shoulder ones and long ones, perfect for wrapping yourself up in to stay warm.

  • Teddy neck and shoulder hot water bottle, £8, Dunelm – Buy Now


They are super cute and will keep you warm and cozy this winter.

The video has been viewed over 77.2k times.

The TikTok was shared just three days ago. However, it already has 5,369 Likes, 98 Comments, and 710 Shares.

One person said: “NOT A WANT BUT A NEED.”

An additional: “The long ones are incredible for cramps.”

A third comment was: “Omg I need.”

They even do animal ones that are super long


They even make animal ones that are extremely longCredit: charleybourne/TikTok

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