People are just learning Google Wi-Fi ‘rules’ say must never put router in three common places – we’re all guilty of one

Google has announced certain WiFi device regulations and the people have been shocked by what they say about router location.

Online giant says that placement is crucial for your Wi-Fi router’s reliability. There are only three locations you should never put your WiFi router.

Google has released a list of official rules that can help increase WiFi connection


Google released an official list that will help improve WiFi connectionsPhoto: AFP
Google does not recommend putting your WiFi router on floors or next to doors, and aquariums


Google doesn’t recommend placing your WiFi Router on floors, next to doors and aquariumsCredit: Getty

Google says that the location of the routers and their points is dependent on several factors, including the size of the home, its construction, whether you use WiFi regularly, your layout, and where your points are located.

Google The following is a list of words that begin with the word “you” Three of the worst locations to place your router include

  1. Floor
  2. Behind doors
  3. Near Aquariums

The WiFi signal cannot pass through these points due to the obstruction.

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People are realizing you should never put WiFi router on these 4 surfaces

If you place your WiFi router directly on the ground, the signal it sends out is instantly absorbed and weakened.

A router near a door can cause interference to the signal.

WiFi routers are not compatible with aquariums because water can absorb the signal, making it difficult to travel through.

Other things to think about when placing your router are avoiding your kitchen, placing it centrally, bad placement of the antennae, near other electronic devices, or next to mirrors. Plusnet.

It is possible to improve the performance of your router by moving it away from problematic areas.

Google has some suggestions for how to best place your router.

  • Move devices from a shelf
  • Avoid placing your router more than two rooms away from the computer.
  • Add WiFi “points” to lengthen your internet accessibility.
  • The points should be positioned so that they work well together and have no weak spots.
  • Add one or two additional points for more coverage
  • Perform a Test mesh

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