Pat Sajak Allegedly being Pushed Out ‘Wheel Of Fortune’The Latest Rumors: Network Shuts His 40th Year Anniversary as Host

It is Pat SajakIn his final years hosting Wheel of Fortune? According to one tabloid, execs have fired the veteran host of the game show after 40 years. Here’s the latest gossip about Pat Sajak.

Pat Sajak ‘Overstaying His Welcome’At ‘Wheel Of Fortune’?

This week, Globe reports Pat Sajak has landed on network executives’ bad side after a series of misguided comments and slip-ups. The host celebrated his 40th anniversary as host in private. Wheel of Fortune, he didn’t receive any kind words on-air. “There were no congratulations, no applause and no balloons for Pat — and he was madder than a hornet,”Insider recipes “Vanna White didn’t even mention it.”

Sajak Even tweeted on December 24,It was days before the event that we learned that the anniversary was about to occur. “Pat was furious!”The tipster exclaims. “He’s put in four decades and he got ZERO recognition.” But the brush-off could have something to do with Sajak’s recent slip-ups on the show. “Pat’s under contract until the end of 2024,”These are the sources. “But he’s embarrassed himself and the show too many times for the producers’ liking. Not marking his anniversary was their way of letting him know he’s overstaying his welcome — and Vanna’s waiting in the wings.”

Vanna white ‘Waiting In The Wings’?

There’s absolutely no reason to trust the testimony of this unnamed “insider.” While it’s totally possible that Sajak may choose not to renew his contract in 2024, we doubt it’s because Wheel of Fortune It’s over with him. Sajak has been the face of the show for decades, so it just doesn’t make sense that the top brass would kick him to the curb over a few little incidents.

The icon himself was gracious enough to weigh in on the matter. “I noticed one of those supermarket tabloids suggested I was losing my marbles and acting erratically,” Sajak Twitter: Posted. “I think it’s important to note—hey, a moth!—that all of us have to be allowed a certain. I’m there, too. I love you guys. Don’t make too much numbers. Peace.” It’s good to see the host is still able to crack jokes while dealing with such a bizarre attack.

Even more IfWe doubt that the network was pushing Sajak out. If they’re on bad terms or not, we’re sure the program is still grateful for Sajak’s never-ending contributions to the show. That being said, it is a bit odd that the show didn’t mark the momentous occasion. But until the network or anyone of authority says otherwise, we’re left to assume it was just an oversight. All evidence suggests that things remain rosy between White and Sajak. Wheel of Fortune team.

The Tabloid on Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak was a favorite gossip target during the GlobeSince many years. In early last year, the outlet reported that Sajak was to be replaced by VannaWhite after his passing. “nasty”Comments directed at contestants. The magazine stated that Sajak was suffering from health issues and that he planned to quit the show. The magazine even claimed that Sajak was going to have a tattoo or pierced. “look cool”You will appear younger to them. The audience is younger, it is evident. Globe has no insight into Sajak’s personal life or what’s going on behind the scenes at Wheel of Fortune

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