Passenger Points Out An Interesting Fact He Found Onboard A Ryanair Flight

A RYANAIR passenger spotted something very strange during his flight – and it isn’t only on the low-cost airline.

Passenger Tom Cotter was shocked when he realized that row 13 was missing from his flight. He had moved from row 12 into row 14.

 Some airlines such as Ryanair and Lufthansa don't have a row 13

Sharing an image on social media, he wrote: “Bizarre how there is no row 13 on Ryanair flights. Why ever not? Superstition? Surely not!”

While a Ryanair spokesperson previously told Sun Online Travel it was an “American manufacturing tradition,” it has been spotted on other airlines too.

Air France and Iberia also don’t use row 13, while other airlines don’t use row 17. Lufthansa, however, is the only airline that does not have rows 13 or 17.

Numerous negative connotations are associated with the number 13. The number 13 is also considered unlucky by most western cultures.

But the number 17 is also unlucky to some because when viewed as the roman numeral XVII, its anagram VIXI roughly means “my life is over” in Latin.

Lufthansa explained on their website: “In some cultures, the number 13 is considered unlucky.

 Lufthansa flights are also missing row 13 as well as row 17

Because we respect superstition, that is why there is no row 13. Nobody who believes that 13 is unlucky should sit in that row.

“In some countries like Brazil and Italy, the average unlucky number is 17 rather than 13.

“Seeing as Lufthansa welcomes a lot of international passengers, we try to consider as many of these specific cultural beliefs as possible.”

It isn’t the only unlucky number to be missed out – United Airlines Polaris doesn’t have a row 13 or 14 either, with row 14 considered unlucky in China as it sounds like “will die” in Chinese.

It’s not just the airlines that avoid the number 13 – some hotels and cruise liners don’t have a deck or floor 13 either.

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