Paris Hilton and Ivanka Trump Ever Felt Friends?

Paris Hilton and Ivanka Trump Ever Felt Friends?

Paris Hilton and Ivanka are way back.

According to gossip columnist “Gatecrasher”Ben Widdicombe is an author. The Hilton family, and the Trump family are highly interconnected. “The Hiltons were the Trumps before the Trumps became the Hiltons,” he penned within the confines of the book (via Vanity Fair. But don’t take his word. Interview with ES Magazinein 2017, Hilton revealed that the two women had been friends since childhood but unfortunately hadn’t seen each other in years. “She is like the New York scene,”Hilton spoke glowingly about her former gal pal. Hilton acknowledged that they weren’t as close as they used be, but she still loved Hilton.SubmittedScott Evans, Access Hollywood correspondent, said that she believed her long-lost BFF was managing her life in Washington, D.C. without any difficulty. “I think she’s so beautiful and elegant and really handling herself well,” Hilton dished. “I’ve been through a lot of pressure but this is like on another level so I can’t imagine.”

But does Hilton’s allegiance to Ivanka automatically translate to a vote for businessman-turned-politician Donald Trump in the ballot box? This might surprise you…

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