Parasite Director Bong Jon-ho Found His Next Movie, and The Batman’s Robert Pattinson Could Be Involved

Parasite Director Bong Jon-ho Found His Next Movie, and The Batman's Robert Pattinson Could Be Involved

There’s been nothing but radio silence since ParasiteThe Oscars were won in 2020 by Bong Joon-ho, a director. His next project has been a long-awaited announcement by moviegoers. Bong finally has his next project after months of no development. Parasite follow-up. The Oscar winner will not only make his triumphant return but also The Batman’s Robert Pattinson might be along for the ride.

DeadlineThe following was reported: ParasiteA director will direct, produce and edit a film that is based on the novel. Mickey7Edward Ashton is a well-known sci-fi author. Since receiving the manuscript towards the end of 2021, Bong has been following the sci-fi thriller closely. The untitled film will be a co-production between his production outfit Offscreen, Kate Street Picture Company, and Plan B. Kate Street Picture and Plan B’s Dooho Choi will produce the sci-fi movie alongside Bong Joon-ho.

Robert Pattinson is the Oscar-winning director’s first choice for the lead. According to Deadline, The BatmanOne of the many A-list stars that met with Bong and executives was star. Pattinson impressed everyone so much that they offered him the role before 2021 expired. The film might’ve found its lead.

The possibility of the SnowpiercerDirector and the TwilightCollaboration between alum seems likely. Both men are currently in overall deals with Warner Bros. Bongjoon-ho has begun developing an HBO Max miniseries, based upon the Oscar-winning movie. ParasiteWith Don’t Look UpAdam McKay is the director. Robert Pattinson, of course, will soon make his DC debut once again as the Dark Knight. The BatmanArrives in Theaters. The studio offered Pattinson a first look deal in return for his efforts. This is why all stars are coming together to make this possible.

The source material Mickey7The story will be about a disposable employee who leaves Niflheim’s ice plant. This character is often sent on dangerous or suicide missions. Six deaths later, the regenerated explorer begins to question his destiny within the colony.

Partnering with the Tenet star won’t be the first time the director has crossed paths with Hollywood’s A-list. His 2013 film Snowpiercer featured stars like Chris Evans and Octavia Spencer while 2017’s OkjaIt starred Jake Gyllenhaal (with Lily Collins), and Steven Yeun. Tilda Swainton, Oscar winner, was featured in both films. Robert Pattinson could now join this list.

Bong Joonho has kept a low profile since he won the Best Director Oscars and Best Picture Oscars for his black comedy. Moviegoers were eagerly awaiting his next movie. Bong had already hinted at some other projects prior to this announcement. He mentioned working on two scripts – a Korean action-horror film and an English-language drama centered around events from 2016. The sci-fi thriller is just one of many projects that the three-time Oscar winner has been working on.

It is not yet known when production will begin. For the untitled film, no casting news has been made.

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