Palace Allegedly Bracing For Meghan Markle To Defy Longstanding Royal Tradition In Clash With Kate Middleton, Gossip Claims

Is Meghan Markle planning to smash royal protocol? One report says she plans to disrespect Kate Middleton by breaking tradition ahead of their platinum jubilee reunion. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Curtsy Wars!’

According to New Idea, palace insiders think Markle is back to shake things up by offending Middleton. “Given she’s not allowed to be a part-time royal, Meghan might feel that exempts her from all the protocols,” a source says. “No one can see Meghan being deferential to Kate, especially when it comes to curtseying to her and those more senior than herself.”

Never a fan of royal protocol, Markle apparently has no plans of curtsying for Middleton. The only person for whom she’ll bend is Queen Elizabeth herself. A source concludes, “Palace staff are bracing themselves.”

Does Meghan Markle Need To Bow?

Seriously? We’re trashing Markle for not curtsying enough now? Talk about a biased story. Tabloids will literally find any reason whatsoever to trash Markle. In this case, it’s because she supposedly plans to disrespect the supposedly perfect Kate Middleton by not curtsying.

Royal curtsy protocols are an extremely complicated beast. It doesn’t look like Markle and Middleton need to curtsy to one another because neither are blood royals. The two should curtsy to Princess Anne, Eugenie, and Beatrice for they come from royal blood. 

However, if either are accompanied by their husband, then they don’t need to curtsy at all. This is because Prince Harry and Prince William outrank just about everyone except Queen Elizabeth.

This shouldn’t change because Markle and Harry have left the royal family, but who even has a clue at this point. Royal curtsies rarely get seen on camera in the first place, and that’s even less likely with how private Markle and Harry are. 

This tabloid is just churning out the same old junk about Markle striving to stay as disrespectful as possible. She has every incentive for this to go smoothly as anyone else.

There’s Bad Track Record

Entertaining this story in the first place is a mistake given how New Idea has demonstrated repeatedly over the years that it’s not to be trusted with royal stories. It once claimed Harry was getting begged to stop Markle from… releasing her podcast? It was a strange story without any evidence behind it.

Last year, it reported Markle was planning a second bombshell interview but that never happened. She and Harry are also still happily married despite a 2020 cover story announcing their split. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are bound to get along as fine as sisters-in-law anywhere will. With how bad this outlet’s track record is, it’s impossible to believe this story.

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