REVEALED: Ozark Season 4 What happens next? | Bill Dubuque

All the “Ozark” series fans tighten your seat belts as the much-awaited Season 4 is finally here. Netflix is set to boom the screen with its slow-burn crime-drama series. The fans are very excited, and new updates and speculations are coming out about the fourth installment.

The third edition of Netflix’s popular crime drama series, Ozark, brought the audience to the edge of their seats, with tons of surprises and thrilling moments. The audience was pleased to see the tight bond between Jonah Byrde and his uncle Ben Davis. However, the certain assault of Ben left the audience spellbound. The fans witnessed the wrath of Jonah on the warpath to destroy the murder. Skylar Gaertner playing Jonah Byrde, delivered a sensational performance to amaze the audience. Season 3 concluded with a bag full of questions. So, what will happen next? Will Jonah be able to avenge his beloved uncle Ben in Ozark Season 4? Here is everything we know.

REVEALED: Ozark Season 4 What happens next? | Bill Dubuque

Ozark Season 4 Latest Updates 

With the death of Ben in season 3, social media was stormed with fan predictions about the plot of Season 4. In the last season, we saw how Nelson was hired to gun down Ben as he had much to reveal about the cartel’s existence.

On the death of Uncle Ben, Jonah was completely shocked, and his pain turned into anger. He rushed to Helen, believing that she was the main culprit behind his uncle’s murder. Things were getting really heated up, but Helen managed to calm Jonah’s rage. Now, it’s time for the next season to unwrap all mysterious for Jonah.

REVEALED: Ozark Season 4 What happens next? | Bill Dubuque

Ozark Season 4 Release Date and Fan Predictions

Each day the fans are coming up with a new plot. The audience is pretty confident that Jonah will surely get his hands on Nelson. It will lead to an epic fight, and Jonah will take revenge for his uncle’s death. Fans believe that Jonah will find out that Nelson murdered his uncle, and he was the man who wanted to kill Erin, the girl Jonah loved.

Ozark Season 4 Sneak Peek: Nelson Is Ready For A Booming Comeback

Season 4 will surely be a binge-worthy part of the series. The new season will bring 14 episodes divided into two parts. The first part is officially available on Netflix. So fans get ready to enjoy the ultimate thrill.

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