Outlander season 7 has how many episodes?

Outlander season 7 has how many episodes?

Starz confirms that Season 8 is the last of the “Outlander” series and it will have 10 episodes. The show will have 10 episodes. Deadline Kathryn Busby, the network’s president shared her thoughts on how “Outlander” will end. We’re happy to conclude Claire and Jamie’s epic love tale. “‘Outlander,’ which has been a hit with audiences around the world for nearly 10 years now. Before we close this book, there’s still 26 episodes of the passionate story of Jamie and Claire to tell. There is also more of this dynamic and origin story of the world to explore,” said she.

In the meantime, “Outlander”, the franchise that was started by the original show will be continued in its wake with the release of “Outlander Blood of My Blood.” Blood of My Blood is set before the main “Outlander timeline” and features a different pair of protagonists. Despite this, it will keep some of the key features from its predecessor’s story. Matthew B. Roberts, showrunner of ‘Outlander’ said that fans would recognize several faces and names. The Outlander world has so much left to offer, and we are excited to keep sharing the stories of this universe with our loyal fans.

As we move forward, 16 episodes of Season 7, and 10 of Season 8, will be followed by the new incarnation of this franchise in “Blood of my Blood”.

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